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Search for mouth watering recipes by ingredients. A lot of recipes to choose from. You can search, view and share the recipe that you like.

Welcome to Foodies 1.0


1. Due to the API restriction all search results return maximum of 10 elements.

Based on user (your) feedback we will release an open version soon where you will have a lot more recipes for your search. I am currently working on monetising this concept.

Here are the features released right now:

1. Search by ingredients, you can search by entering multiple ingredients. Try popular local names of ingredients as well.

2. We will list a maximum of 10 recipes based on your search criteria. You will know how many ingredients are there, how easy is the recipe, can see an image of the recipe, and the original author information.

3. You can tap on any recipe you like to see a detailed view, and a link to visit the original recipe web page. Due to copyright issues we could not get the recipe as text to you, but you will be able to see the recipe.

4. You can share the recipe with your friends. While sharing, please do not forget to share our url as well :)

For any help, suggestion, feedback, shake your phone, we will be just around the corner.

Menu for upcoming release:

1. Diet information

2. Mark a recipe as favorite (As soon as I get a contract with the API developers)

3. Filters

Keep cooking, Bon Appétit!

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